So now is he serious?

73 Dearfield Drive is an okay colonial that has been up for sale since June, 2005. It started at $2.295 and now, three brokers, four years and numerous prices reductions later, it’s listed at $1.595 million. I hope the owner enjoyed exposing his home to strangers all that time because I can’t think of any other reason to keep it over-priced and unsold for so long.


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4 responses to “So now is he serious?

  1. anonymous

    Just another shrewd market-timer trying to sell a $1MM shack; they don’t hand out $1MM shacks to just anyone….

  2. White fence

    Even the fence they put up can not hide the fact that this house sits right on a busy road.

    • christopherfountain

      Wait til the Greens have their way with us – we’ll be back to ox carts and quiet will return to Lake Avenue.

  3. Sajay Bigglesworth

    Do the houses on the street (Glen Court?)behind 73 Dearfield Drive look down into the back yard and back windows? As I recall, the house sits quite a bit lower than its backyard neighbors, particularly the larger, new house at the end of the street. I may be wrong on this point.