Why doesn’t Dido Dent wear a zipper on his kilt?

Dent family calesthenics

Dent family calisthenics

It frightens the beavers, of course. Dido’s off to Scotland, where beavers are returning after 400 years. “If they’re back, then the Dents are too,” the Harvard grad declared over several single malts at Augie’s. “We were driven out of our foggy homeland in 1736 for certain unspeakable acts committed by great great gran papere, but surely all is forgiven by now. Besides, I’m suddenly finding the heat here in Greenwich quite unbearable.”


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2 responses to “Why doesn’t Dido Dent wear a zipper on his kilt?

  1. Retired IB'er

    Yo, Chris, a little warning next time on the bent-over man butts!

  2. The Duke of Deception

    Ummm, The Duke has known Dent for 25 years (not well at all), and yeah he’s a dick, but inquiring minds wanna know what he did to you.