Greenwich’s next excitment, the Fred Bourke trial

Assuming that the Greenwich Police continue to refuse to arrest Stephen Dido Dent for soliciting prostitutes, the mini-scandal that’s been providing such glee among those who know and detest the man will soon die down and revert to what it should have been, I suppose: a matter between Dido and his poor wife. What will fill the gap until Walter Noel and his FGG feeder fund again fill the news channels? I suggest the matter of Walt’s Round Hill neighbor, Frederic Bourke, whose trial for violation of the Corrupt Foreign Practices Act is scheduled to start June 1st. Bourke has already started to create fun, accusing his estranged handbag-making partner, Peter Dooney, of trying to inject him with “harmful substances.”  I would guess, knowing the proclivities of the Round Hill set, that Dooney may have squirted a waterpistol at Bourke and the poor man panicked, not being familiar with that substance in its liquid form, but perhaps not. We’ll learn more, that goodness, as the trial progresses.

So what is Bourke accused of, exactly? This blog sets forth a nice chronology for those who haven’t been following the story, but the trial is bound to be  even more entertaining, involving as it does shady Russian mobsters, prostitutes, drugs, needle-toting business partners and cash, lots of cash. We’ll start a Bourke update section as the trial commences and with lck, that will carry us through an otherwise dull summer. Then comes Walt and Bernie, hooray!


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4 responses to “Greenwich’s next excitment, the Fred Bourke trial

  1. Prostitutes

    This Bourke has a ski instructor girlfriend in Aspen. Me doubts he has to pay to play.

  2. Personal Chef for Bourke?

    Does this guy serve more than dinner to Bourke? Is Jason also the dessert?

  3. Bourke screws with DNA 1992

    Dreamer Bourke was a pain in the ass with DNA guru James Watson years ago.

  4. Wally

    Amazing that we have two or three of the country’s top tabloid stories going on right here in Greenwich (Dent, Brant, Noel and now Bourke). The Greenwich Time could really make some hay if they had the right stuff. Since they do not, it will be up to the local blogs (like For What its Worth) to break these stories. Best of luck (after all Drudge made his name on the Monica Lewinsky story.)