Off to tour open houses

Yes, it’s Tuesday again (seems to happen quite frequently these days) so once again there’s an opportunity to revisit old favorites and see what’s new to the market. I will confess that I’m not particularly swayed by brokers’ notes on the open house list calling a new house right on North Street “an incredible value” at $8.995 million, or tired old, over-priced building lots, “a rare opportunity”. What’s a little bit scary is that in my darkest moments I think that the brokers actually believe their own nonsense, which would explain why we’re so far out of adjustment from reality. Oh well, it’s always fun to have a good chuckle before lunch.


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2 responses to “Off to tour open houses

  1. J

    Chris, I’m surprised you haven’t yet commented on 317 Stanwich Road, which was reported under contract yesterday for $2.025M. I know we both considered it quite the bargain, and it went for more than I expected it to, although it certainly was a big drop from the January 2008 listing price of $3.8M

    • christopherfountain

      No, J, I thought $2 million was a great price for that land and recommended it to several customers. $3.8 , the original price, was way out of line with reality, but $2 for three acres and a decent house was pretty good. I’m surprised that it took from December (or so) til now to sell at this price, but that’s a good indication of where the market is these days.