When Round Hill loses its charm

Bear markets happen

Bear markets happen

Walt and the husbands of the Fabulous Five are looking for a new course to play through on, Freddie Bourke will want one too, assuming he’s still free to play outside after June 1st, Stephen Dido Dent will be paying alimony, not club dues soon, Peter Brandt is going to be rooming with Stephen, and gosh only knows whether Peter Dooney can stay a member at Maidstone once word gets out about his chasing Freddie around with a syringe filled with a “harmful substance”.

So, to help all those fellows, as well as any of you Merrill and Lehman guys who still have Internet access (it’s free at Greenwich Library, as you’ve probably already discovered, here’s a tip: A directory of public golf courses in the United States, Canada, and all countries that  don’t have an extradition treaty with the US.


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14 responses to “When Round Hill loses its charm

  1. Fake Walt

    I took $100 dollars in one hand and gave $98 dollars to Bernie with the other…1.5 billion times.
    Does that make me a crook? I am not worried about losing my membership to the Round Hill Country club. I have several off shore accounts in the Caymans…I hear they have great championship courses.

    Off to Miami

    Kind Regards,

    Fake Walt

  2. Blind Brook

    Round Hill, home to one felon, has not booted the Noels out. False report.

  3. Moral compass

    That Round Hill Club has to look at the content of one’s character before examining the content of the wallet as a criteria for membership.

  4. Abnormals

    A man or woman of Normal means is not acceptable to Greenwich Clubs. Therefore, by default, people of Abnormal means are. Well Round Hill Club has their fair share of abnormals.

  5. Charm?

    Prescott Bush would roll over in his grave if he saw the current RHC. Wait a minute. The current members fear they will be in the grave if the Columbians come looking for Walt at the Club. The Club lacks charm and the members are very self entitled.

  6. Shadow Seller

    Oh Chris, you truly crack us up. With this much local drama to fuel your posts it’s a wonder that you have any time to sell houses. Of course, since the dollar gap between home sellers and buyers is big enough to drive a truck between, I think it’s a safe bet that you will be regularly posting plenty of fresh content for many months to come. The real Walt will be ecstatic!

  7. Walt

    Hey, you know what, Chris? Maybe you are not selling these over priced McMansions you peddle (in your case, actually, a double wide on a 50′ x 100′ lot) because no one wants to live here. Ever think of that, Weasel Boy? Go ask your evil G.A.R princess new best friend.
    Look at these posts. You people take PLEASURE in other peoples suffering. So sad. Who want’s you whiner’s as neighbors? NEIGH!!!!!! Loosen UP, for Pete’s Sake!!
    The vitriolic rants are troubling. You should all go get a life.
    So my view is, let bygones be bygones. No harm, no foul. Let’s call it even steven. What is wrong with that? You guys in? It works for me.
    Your Pal,

  8. Walt

    Hey Dude. I just watched the PBS show on Bernie. So we are live blogging here. And I don’t even know what that means!!! But it sounds cool. Kewl??
    Anyway, they came flat out and said due diligence (whatever the heck that is) was Tuckers job. I just marketed. Which is what I have been telling you Bozo’s since day one. Can I say Bozo? Anyway, now you know old Walt did no wrong. Like I have always said. And how rideable did the 5 filly’s look?(S.I.H.) I was so proud!!
    So tomorrow, now that I am vindicated, I think I will stroll the Avenue, get the brows clipped, buy a new Herme’s tie at Richards, and have a Bloody and brunch at ThatAway’s. Join me and I will fix you up.
    And how stupid did the fat Sandra Manzke broad look? You letting me say broad yet? Dumb as a brick!! And a lot heavier.
    Your Pal,

    • christopherfountain

      Damn it, Walt, I’ve had that show scheduled to watch for a week now, was at a meeting until 9:30 and forgot to watch even the last half! I’m delighted to hear that you were exonerated. Can I still have the listing on your house though? Even if the rumors were false and you’re still welcome at the club, how long can that last? I mean, Dude, some of your pals are still going to be doing a slow burn when they file for capital losses, and they may just take that resentment out on you. Sell, get of town, let tempers cool and then come roaring back triumphant! I think that $2.5 million idea of yours is brilliant.

  9. Walt

    And only Hiriam can write as poorly as Fake Walt. Only the Duderino and Hiriam know I am right. (S.I.H.)
    Your Pal,

  10. Walt

    Dude Man –
    You gotta get a life. After tax losses, the FGG investors did no worse than the overall market. They actually did better. I can do the math for you. I will teach you gazzinta’s. So they have NO reason to gripe. And I kid you not.
    So you, in your little, honest, $200 E-Trade account, buy one share of GM (that cost you a buck, and $7.50 to trade you dummy) did a lot worse that FGG investors. So no one was damaged by old Uncle Walt. Except maybe Cabana Boy, but he deserved it. But that is a story for another day.
    My investors did fine. Which is why Irv CAN’T TOUCH THIS!! Hammer TIME!!!!
    Anyway. You know I am right. And didn’t you love the filly’s? (S.I.H)
    Your Pal,

  11. Missed Frontline

    Here you go Christopher – enjoy!


  12. Blind Brook

    Chris: when are you going to reveal the back country’s inner secret? Monica is known to the five or six members of the old guard left at Round Hill as “the Croation.”