Shoot the messenger

When 54 Havemeyer Lane came on the market a year or so ago, along with its sister ship next door, each priced at $2.195 million, I opined that Havemeyer Lane was too busy and undesirable a street to justify trying to set a price record. The builder’s reaction was to threaten to pull a listing for another house listed with a colleague of mine (also overpriced, also still unsold, so she’d have been doing a favor) and basically, made life hell for anyone even vaguely associated with me. She’d have more profitably spent her time checking out competing prices, perhaps, because today the house has been relisted for $1.595. Too little too late, I suspect, but it might have been a good place to start.


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6 responses to “Shoot the messenger

  1. Cos Cobber

    This reminds me. What ever happen to those threatening blog posts that you thought may have been related to 26 Circle Drive?

    • christopherfountain

      While I never traced the identity of the mad writer specifically, my guess as to his identity seems to have shut him down. I’d bet that Papa had a stern talk with the boy and reminded him of the importance of not sullying the family name.

  2. Cos Cobber

    So back to 54 Havemayer Lane & co. This is another fine example of pioneering too late in the RE cycle. I can’t imagine paying such a princely sum to live on a narrow freeway. Your family will be trapped until a sidewalk is constructed and that wont be happening soon.

    These too will sink to 1.3ish, solely because of the marginal location.

  3. Stanwich

    These behemoths just don’t belong among the modest $1m capes in Havemeyer Park. If these spec houses actually get sold at a price near $1.3m then things do not look good for the other crap in Havemeyer Park. Given the choice at that price point, I would rather be a hostage in one of these 5,000 sf beauties than settle for one of the aweful little capes on the nicer streets in Havemeyer Park….traffic can’t matter that much.

  4. Richard

    If I had one of those really nice Rubbermaid prefab sheds on a quarter acre lot in a marginal neighborhood in Greenwich, would it still sell for a million plus?

  5. China Office

    There is an 85% chance that this builder blames you for the house not selling at $2.2MM…