A day for big contracts

In addition to the Rockefeller deal at $23.9 million, 238 Byram Shore Road, asking price $9.8 million, is reported as under contract. I’m a little surprised by this one. 24o Byram, next door, four years newer, also asked for $9.8ish and took two years to fetch $7.2 million, so when this one came on shortly after that one sold, I figured it would have a hard time fetching almost $3 million more. But now, 2 1/2 years later, it has a buyer. Too soon to tell whether it was worth the wait but if they got anywhere close to that asking price, I guess it was.

A house on Stepping Stone is also reported under contract. Priced at $1.95 or close to it, this isn’t quite nosebleed territory, but hey, something’s moving. 798 houses to go and we’re out of this damn market!


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4 responses to “A day for big contracts

  1. Anonymous

    Newbies in town for the Summer.

  2. Grace

    Hey, love your blog!
    Do you happen to know of any modular builders that are working in Greenwich? We are thinking about purchasing a piece of land and would like to put a modular home up…but we also would like someone that could lead us through the Greenwich approvals process…

    • christopherfountain

      Hi Grace. You might try dave Tilly – excellent builder who, I’m pretty sure, works both stick and modular. I’ll dig up his contact info today but he’s here in Greenwich.

  3. anonymous

    Such datapoints will certainly encourage a few sellers to ask high prices

    Bear market rallies can be funny phenomena…