Professionals at work

From the Connecticut MLS website (not Greenwich’s)

Please Respect Foreclosed Properties
We have recently begun receiving complaints from listing agents about damage being done to foreclosed properties.  
The damage appears to be the result of showing agents or their clients attempting to determine the extent of preexisting damage in the property. 
Regardless of a property’s condition, no one has the right to enlarge holes in walls, remove insulation or otherwise modify any listed property without first obtaining the seller’s permission.
Please Respect Foreclosed Properties.

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One response to “Professionals at work

  1. Anon1

    This is hysterical. As Eric Cartman says:

    How about:
    “Regardless of a home’s perceived potential for profit and one’s delusions of ability to support the monthly mortgage payments after the payments recast/reset, no one has the right to saddle his fellow taxpayer with the bailout costs of his irresponsible behavior. Please Respect Responsible Homeowners.”

    Eventually, cities (and taxpayers) will be saddled with the costs of demolishing a lot of foreclosed homes. So what’s the problem with getting a headstart for free?