Stephen Dent will sell postcards at the ninth hole

Public Hours, 9am -12

Public Hours, 9am -12

It says herethat private golf clubs, desperate for income, are grudgingly opening their greens to the public. Reached for comment, Frederic Bourke referred all calls to his mouth piece, Walter Noel, who in turn replied, “I’m not saying they will, I’m not saying they won’t, but Monica and the Girls make some of the best lemonade south of the Merritt, I’ll tell you that. You interested in investing?”


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4 responses to “Stephen Dent will sell postcards at the ninth hole

  1. mulligan

    Glad to hear that Round Hill is opening up to the public. Greenwich can use another municipal course

  2. HBilly

    I hear the waiting lists have gotten a bit shorter at many of our clubs. Member recruiting efforts are being ramped up feverishly. How times have changed.

  3. just curious

    Is Stephen Dent a member at Round Hill?
    Also, he was interviewed by a feminist for NYTimes May ’84, wrote a letter to NYT Aug ’84 – mad about it. Do you have a picture?

    • christopherfountain

      As far as I know, Dido belongs to the Belle Haven Club, if he belongs to any club at all. But with RHC throwing open its doors to just anyone, surely they’d welcome Mr. Dent at a concession stand.