Here’s a new marketing twist: bomb shelters

Says here that suburbanites, frightened of the coming doom, are stocking up on survival food and gear. As a backpacker/hunter type I figure I’m okay (going to have to do something about replenishing my ammunition supply though – so many looters, so little time) but it occurs to me that homeowners could, with just a little reconfiguring of their home, make it more attractive to panicked city folks. Add a bunker or two, a generator, twin 1,500 gallon fuel tanks, a safe room, gun closet (stocked, of course) and presto! The perfect haven for an East Sider. I do wonder at the ignorance of some of these types who seem to think that having equipment, be it tents or weapons, is a substitute for knowing how to use it and survive outdoors, but we’re selling the dream here, just as always.  Ever hear that tip about naming your house? I never thought much of it but now I don’t know. “Fortress Riverside”, for instance, has a nice, reassuring ring. Try it and see.


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7 responses to “Here’s a new marketing twist: bomb shelters

  1. Al Dente

    Let’s see. Since the Chosen One has come to power, both Iran and N. Korea have laughed at the U.N. and everyone else and are now inches away from full nuclear capability.

    I’ll be under the bed while the bomb shelter is being built.

  2. Paco

    And don’t forget to stock up on Red Bull before the neo-Puritans take that away from us as well:

    Red Bull Cola could be banned in Germany – after traces of cocaine are found in it –
    Germany is considering a nationwide ban on the high-energy drink Red Bull Cola after traces of cocaine were found in it.–traces-cocaine-it.html

  3. anonymous

    Behind the times

    IIRC, Kovner, a Republican hedgie billionaire, changed plans after 9/11 on his NYC townhouse under construction to include an elaborate “safe” room or suite

    Risk of dirty bomb polluting air over NYC region has been well-known to any smart hedgie for ?20yrs…that’s why many have well-positioned houses and duplicate trading floors in lower-risk regions across globe

    Just imagine the gridlock at Teterboro and White Plains when all those G550s try to flee at once….

  4. edgewater

    there is a house in riverside that has a nuclear-blast-resistant concrete pod buried in his back yard. it was installed about 10 years ago. now that’s foresight.

  5. Paco

    Those of us who grew up in the 1950s remember backyard bomb shelters, right? Didn’t Sears even sell them? I recall door-to-door salesmen peddling them in my suburban DC neighborhood as a kid. And some families presumably bought them.

  6. Not Crazy Yet

    “We can’t go, Johnny’s got the keys”.

    I would prefer the swine flu morph into something that causes all the Progressives to turn into zombies. Then I could have some satisfaction protecting my own….

  7. Vicky

    Chris, you said,
    “As a backpacker/hunter type I figure I’m okay (going to have to do something about replenishing my ammunition supply though)” …

    My goodness, I thought Greenwich had completely absolutely utterly outlawed any guns and ammo of any kind. When we lived there, my husband, when he wanted to shoot, went 40 miles across state lines to Pawling Mtn. Meanwhile, my son couldn’t be host to a “play date” without me being asked if we had guns in the house. Of course, I smiled and lied. Of course, they were all locked away; we’re not idiots. So be discreet about your ammo stash here, lest you get busted by the PC patrol.