Here’s one to watch

4 Nimitz Place, in Havemeyer, is offered today for $1.875 million. New construction on a quarter acre. My impression is that prices in Havemeyer have been falling and so this one’s fate could prove reassuring to Havemeyer residents. If it sells for around its asking price, then the $875 the builder paid for the lot will put a nice floor under your own house, so to speak. If it doesn’t, watch out below.


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2 responses to “Here’s one to watch

  1. Front Row Phil

    I have rooting interest in this one and hope a bidding war breaks out. Chris, please let us know what happens to this one.

    • christopherfountain

      You bring up a good point, Front Row, which is that I and many of my friends and relatives all have a “rooting interest” in the price of Greenwich real estate, so when I predict lower prices or point out houses that are down a third from their original asking price I am not (necessarily – in your, case, yes) gloating. Just reporting or opinionating.