Back again

11 Quail Rd

11 Quail Rd

This is a perfectly acceptable house – it has a back lot feel going on (probably because it’s on a back lot) but that’s improved since the owner screened off the neighbors. It sold direct (and oh, how we hate when that happens) for $6.450 million in 2004 and came back on for sale in May, 2008 for $8.875 million. I rather thought at the time that we were below, not above 2004 values but the owner didn’t ask me and there the house sat. It eventually, and gradually, dropped to $6.875 in January but still didn’t sell. Yet, the listing was renewed today at … $6.875! I still think we’re below 2004 and I’m befuddled at what these sellers think may have improved since January but there you have it. It’s still a nice house and at some price, I’m sure it will sell. At some price.


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4 responses to “Back again

  1. anon

    this house was occupied by the builder. never sold

  2. Anonymous

    Seen it. J shaped lot. Sucks. No backyard. I wouldn’t pay more than $3.9mm for this property.

  3. B1

    Picking up on your “this is the time to build” theme from some earlier posts, you can get a far superior piece of land farther down Quail (closer to the cul de sac) for probably mid 2s, as the asking price is $2.9M, if memory serves (seller is estate of Ramsey). Or scoot right around the corner to Doverton and pick up 2 very private acres for less than $2M (seller is Lasell (sp?)).

    If you don’t want to build and are in this price range you could also pick up the Mariani house on Doverton (newer construction, never lived in, far superior property) for probably what this guy is asking (Mariani is asking mid-8s and would be foolish to turn down a high 6 offer). Finally, if you don’t want to build and must be on Quail, then immediately next door to this place is a smaller, but beautifully designed and built (by Wadia) home in, I believe, the $5 range (seller is Lynch).

    In other words, this place has a lot of challenges right in the neighborhood.

  4. anonymous

    Can’t solve bad land; should be a non-starter for any value-conscious buyer

    Indeed, land and build costs are low (and dropping), and build times are faster than in bubble yrs despite likely higher build quality today