Here’s a warm-up diversion while we wait for Madoff/Noel developments

Greenwich’s own Frederic Bourke’s bribery trial starts Monday in Manhattan. His pocket book partner, Peter Dooney, isn’t expected in the court room to cheer him on – Dooney, after Bourke charged he was trying to inject him “with a harmful substance”, said he hadn’t spoken with Bourke in years. Perhaps he’ll show up for the sentencing, if there is one.


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5 responses to “Here’s a warm-up diversion while we wait for Madoff/Noel developments

  1. Location

    500 Pearl St in NYC
    Courtroom 15C
    near city hall
    judge scheidlin
    doors open at 8:30 am mon
    will cf be there covering it and getting some pics of bourke and his family in/out court and post them? not many pics of bourke.

  2. bourke daughter ellie bourke ford

    hope the family is prepared for the worst but hopes for the best in a stacked case like this.

  3. Gravity

    Don’t these rich people know what goes up must come down. The rich don’t believe any laws apply to them. They get greedy and make bad choices.

  4. DouglASS

    I think this family hangs with Bourke. What do they teach them at Round Hill Club? The wife was an interior designer for Bourke. Good company, sure.

  5. Say what?

    What do all you rich people do when all the money runs out? Oh, the answer is try and find some other rich person and try to marry them. Who cares if you are happy? Just as long as the good times roll. That’s why you rich folks all stick together. Looks help too. But an ugly old guy with dough will fit the bill. Ask Brooke de Ocampo.