Okay, this isn’t funny! Well, perhaps a little

I thought Original Walt was directing me to a parody site when he sent me this link, but it’s true:Fairfield Greenwich Group is suing Fairfield Sentry (or the other way around – who cares?) for failing to detect Madoff’s scam.

blazing saddles cleavon little sheriff
Hold it
[the Johnsons load their guns and point them at Bart. Bart then points his own pistol at his head]
Bart: [low voice] Hold it! Next man makes a move, the nigger gets it!
Olson Johnson: Hold it, men. He’s not bluffing.
Dr. Sam Johnson: Listen to him, men. He’s just crazy enough to do it!
Bart: [low voice] Drop it! Or I swear I’ll blow this nigger’s head all over this town!
Bart: [high-pitched voice] Oh, lo’dy, lo’d, he’s desp’it! Do what he say, do what he say!
[Townspeople drop their guns. Bart jams the gun into his neck and drags himself through the crowd towards the station]
Harriet Johnson: Isn’t anybody going to help that poor man?
Dr. Sam Johnson: Hush, Harriet! That’s a sure way to get him killed!
Bart: [high-pitched voice] Oooh! He’p me, he’p me! Somebody he’p me! He’p me! He’p me! He’p me!
Bart: [low voice] Shut up!
[Bart places his hand over his own mouth, then drags himself through the door into his office]
Bart: Ooh, baby, you are so talented!
[looks into the camera]
Bart: And they are so *dumb*!



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3 responses to “Okay, this isn’t funny! Well, perhaps a little

  1. Jessica From Brooklyn

    Why are youse folks picking on Walt and his boys? Heck, they made everybody a bunch of money for many years….including themselves. And lawd knows it took a lot of money to keep all those wives happy! One or two houses just won’t do with Greenwich set! Okay, they’ve had a bad year, but so have most funds. Look at their record however! They’ve made money every year whether the market went up or down. How many funds can say that? Cut em some slack; let Bernie out of jail; and they’ll have this whole thing humming again in no time!! Everybody sure is getting worked up over one bad year…….

  2. Walt

    Thanks Jess. Someone FINALLY gets it.
    Your Pal,

  3. Lili von Shtupp

    Classic Noel hubris — you’ve got to be kidding! Do they think by joining in on the lawsuit bandwagon that we will see them as victims?! You don’t fool me one bit, Walt!