Vanity Fair makes amends

I suppose that since he was kicked out of Round Hill Club and is no longer welcome at the bar, Walt Noel’s stuck across the street in his cottage, prowling the internet for stories about himself  But aren’t we glad he is, because he just alerted me that Vanity Fair, still trying to overcome its “Golden in Greenwich” 2002 profile of the Noel family, is out with an updated version. It’s not as complimentary.


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4 responses to “Vanity Fair makes amends

  1. Peg

    I love this section:

    The anger toward the Noels is widespread and runs deep, but the family does not appear to understand it. Monica tells people that Walter is still her prince and that he is a victim of Madoff’s, just like everyone else. “He did sales—he relied on others for due diligence,” she has told friends. “He accepted Madoff’s statements when they came in each month.”

    Apparently Monica doesn’t realize that “due diligence” is just a LEETLE bit more than “accepting the statements each month.” Hell; if all that a firm is expected to do is “accept the statements” – then why on Earth would clients deal with a middle man??! Guess Monica thought they were getting tens of millions for their mailing address and filing.

  2. Walt

    Peg –
    We were getting tens of millions of dollars for our access to Bernie. That is what people wanted. Nothing more. Nothing less. And we gave them what they wanted. So quit the whining and due diligence nonsense. That is not what they were buying.
    Your Pal,

  3. Jane

    Clearly still belong to the RHC.

  4. Peg

    I wonder what cut the guys in the Twin Cities got for giving almost $1 billion of their “friends” money “accessed” to Madoff. My guess is not anywhere as much as Walt.

    Walt must be a better salesperson🙂 On both ends….