Who will want a new car?

That question has automakers and the new owner of General Motors deeply worried,according to the NYT. Will there be pent-up demand once the recession ends or have Americans lost their taste for cars?

My money is on the latter – too bad my tax money is already bet on the former. The new CAFE standards and adoption of California’s air pollution controls will dictate tiny, expensive and underpowered cars in the future. That’s dull and boring and hardly likely to convince someone to go into debt to purchase one. I’m undecided whether to hang on to my 2003 Honda or buy a new one in a year or two before the new standards hit but I’m leaning toward buying one last normal car and hoping it lasts until my grandchildren take my keys away from me.


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7 responses to “Who will want a new car?

  1. anonymous

    Most obese Americans just can’t afford new cars (or houses) as often as they’d like

    I’ll keep getting new Mercedes 65 (or whatever new V12) every 6 months (much like new Blackberries); tech obsolescence marches on

  2. Walt

    Dude –
    Being that you are the proud new owner of GM and Chrysler, I suggest you pass on a Honda. It’s like buying your next house from ReMax. Plus you can insure it through AIG. You own that too. And finance it from GMAC, Bank of America, Citi – heck – any bank in the country. You own them as well. So buy American, comrade.
    Your Pal,

  3. Old School Grump

    Maybe we’ll choose to end up like Cuba, holding on to our cars for 50+ years ….

  4. cos cobber

    Drive a g65 that’s more than r months old? That crazy; I have to have a g65 of no less than 1k in miles or 2 months old.

  5. Peg

    Christopher, I’m with you. Leaning toward purchasing one more “real” car before they screw ’em up, like they’re planning on doing to our light bulbs.

    Sort of fascinating. We had the greatest nation ever, yet they’re doing their best to dismantle it all, piece by piece.

  6. Paco

    I think Old School Grump may have found pay dirt with the phrase “end up like Cuba.” That’s about as good a characterization of New Maximum Leader’s “changes” as anything else. But did even the majority of the O-bots intentionally “choose” that path?