Gentlemen, start your engines!

2 Conyers Farm, a (very nice) cottage plus 10 acres and a plan – Panama! was listed at $7.995 million in January but found n0 takers. Today it’s been reduced to $7, 495,000, so if you really wanted this property but were reluctant to offer them $500,000 less than their asking price for fear of offending the seller, you are now free to offer away.


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4 responses to “Gentlemen, start your engines!

  1. Wally

    A good friend looked seriously at this and it’s actually two substantial, new houses (the cottage has been gutted and is like-new) with plans and approvals for a third. If you’re into backcountry (I know that not everyone is) this is a really nice property.

    • christopherfountain

      It is nice land, (albeit a bit more swampy than I might prefer, Wally, and it’s not at all a crazy price for Conyers Farm. I was just amused at the thought that someone who hadn’t fallen for its charms would be spurred to action by such a relatively small price cut.

  2. Accolay

    I’m thinking about offering the owners $1.5M without even seeing the property. Hope that doesn’t offend them???

  3. Wally

    Yes, I hear you on the price cut. Our friends really liked it, and they haven’t bought anything else yet, but I think they are sitting tight for the time being.