Is a $100,000 sports car the answer to Al Gore’s fears?

Tesla delivers its 500th car. I will shock regular readers by confessing that I am a contrarian by nature, but this whole enthusiasm for electric cars strikes me as over-wrought, fueled more by enthusiasm than thought. Electricity must be generated – that takes some form of fuel and, so far, that fuel is fossil. The materials for the batteries in these cars is mined in Canada, at great cost to the environment, shipped for assembly in China, and then brought back here to power toys for rich men. I remains skeptical that we’re seeing even the start of a revolution here.

But the Tesla looks cool, I will admit.


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5 responses to “Is a $100,000 sports car the answer to Al Gore’s fears?

  1. anonymous

    Need to care about MPG and eco impact as driving onto tarmac to board one’s NetJets flight: the hypocrisy is, if anything, quite mockable

  2. Anonymous

    Only one person to ask, JC, the Fountain of Cars.

  3. Paco

    Just mention that the fact that such large quantities of rare metals and toxins into building a hybrid vehicle means that their only logical purpose is to function primarily as class signaling device to other greenies (aka pinko doomsters) and be prepared to duck when they toss a Birkenstock at you.

    The reaction from that is strong enough to cause one to resist asking why they insist on sporting a “Kerry ’04” bumper sticker on a hybrid that was purchases after 2004!. I guess lefties’ political campaign bumper stickers are sort of like the ocean liner stickers people left forever on their luggage many years ago so everyone would know they once traveled in the SS France. I guess Kerry and Gore stickers are a bit like having an SS Titanic sticker on one’s old steamer trunk.

  4. anon 1

    I find it very amusing that you rant and many readers rant about Gore and the environmentalists so much. Frankly, I rarely see Gore pop up in the press anymore…except your blog.

    All of you please keep on ranting about the old school of Gore, Kerry, etc. It’s very forward looking. It’s going to be a long 8 years of Obama and a Democratic congress for you. The shrinking, shrill Republican party is getting left behind. Meghan McCain sure looks like a winner as a future Republican leader (“I’m a pro-sex Republican woman!”). That was probably a very popular thing to say at 1 am in the frat house tap room. Is one supposed to conclude that the other Republican women out there are anti-sex? Hysterical!