Walter, if Andres asks, just say no

Credit Suisse fugitive Julian Tzolov skipped bail and is probably back in Eastern Europe, where he first crawled out from under a rock. This leaves his girlfriend’s brother and another friend holding the bag, but not, as of yesterday, their homes. Federal judge Weinstein (local developer Seth Weinstein’s father, just as a curiosity) has ordered their property forfeited. I know Andres hasn’t been indicted for money laundering yet, Walt, and I’m aware of the $10 million lien on the 175 Round Hill Road cottage sucked three times its value into the vacuum of space, but you just can’t be too careful here. If Andres asks, maybe you can direct him to Ric’s Place on Fort Hill Lane. Now there’s some equity.


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5 responses to “Walter, if Andres asks, just say no

  1. Jessica From Brooklyn

    Would the Noel girls go with their spouses if they jumped bail? They can all claim they had nothing to do with the events that have happened. If the Gotti family can have a t.v. show, why not the Noels? The problem is, with all the coming lawsuits, who would end up with the money? As Mr. Jaffe has stated, it is hard to go back after fillet mignon. Now between the girls and their husbands, who is the steak, and who is the “gourmet eater?” Oh yes, expect them to claim Walt has Alzheimer’s soon. That way he won’t have to stand trial….a la Harry Helmsley. He is probably taking acting lessons as we speak….

  2. Noel Junkie

    Alzheimers might work – Walt looks bewildered in just about every photo I’ve seen of him. Either deliriously happy like “I can’t believe I’m making $100s of millions for doing nothing” or befuddled. The son in laws look mostly befuddled. I think the daughters will have a tough time dumping their men if they brought them into the Madoff cesspool. I’d like to see the daughters do a little time – could be a prison/reality show with the girls.

  3. Blind Brook

    Don’t you think Mother Hen Monica has salted away enough dough in Brazil, Switzerland,Mexico, and the handful of other countries she has visited since the Madoff debacle broke? They may not be living in Greenwich, but they’ll be eating really fine grain and fresh green hay. And you know the Palm Beach house must have been homesteaded under Florida’s Homestead Act, although they are social pariahs down there except for loyal friends like Missy and Johnny McCloy.

  4. Noel Junkie Clone

    They might have enough money to live, but they’ve lost their social standing which was what they were all about in the first place. The Fab Five will never have it the same, even if they got respectable jobs (does ‘respectable’ even enter their vocabulary??).

    My hope is that the Feds are on Monica’s trail and monitoring her every move.

    Time will tell …..

  5. Anonymous

    Why does no one seem to get that the noel’s have been hiding money overseas for 20 years! They boasted about it — and why do I know, I know because they told me! A little forensic accounting and “following the money” and walt will be serving 20+ years — and you’ll get the daughters as well. These are terrible people who have used others — and now they will get what’s coming to them! Follow the money!