Bourke trial – no fireworks

So far, the prosecution has presented evidence trying to show that there was a bribery scheme going on over in Azerbaijan but has yet to tie Ric Bourke to that conspiracy. From Bloomberg’s reporting, I’d say even the bribery has yet to be proved, let alone participation by Bourke. I assume that the feds will keep trying and when they have established to their satisfaction, if not the jury’s, that the conspiracy is proved, they’ll move on to proving that Bourke was involved. This could take a long time.

Trial is adjoined until next Monday, the 15th.


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11 responses to “Bourke trial – no fireworks

  1. Don't throw in the towel yet!

    Man, I hope this doesn’t mean that Bourke is giving up! Doesn’t adjourning mean that both parties are rethinking the whole game plan? If so, the government will still want to take, that means Bourke has to give. Fight on Bourke. Show how that place was a kleptocracy for God’s sake.

    Get a few witnesses to show how Hedyar Aliyev was a corrupt guy. Even Gorbachev knew that and kicked Aliyev out of his administration. Bourke probably could get a guy like Gorby to come speak about the bastard Aliyev.

    Isn’t there somebody in the CIA who can talk about the 1997 corruption going on over there?

  2. Land of prostitutes

    Sounds like a few people in high places were hanging out in low places in Azerbaijan.

  3. Due diligence on Azerbaijan and Aliyev

    Hey, there are two sides to every story. Bourke should spend the week doing diligence on the players at that time. The place was corrupt as hell. Bourke just fell into a trap. Get some people like Miles and Tenet to help tell the story. You still have time.

    This will wake up the jury and get them to your side. It will make prosecution witnesses like Farrell look like the crooks and Russian mafia that they are.

  4. Steve LeVine

    This columnist for BusinessWeek covers this story well in his blog. I don’t know where he stands on the Bourke issue yet.

  5. Bourke, distance yourself from Kozeny

    The more the government tries to show close ties of Bourke to Kozeny, the more Bourke’s defense lawyers should think of ways to show the jury how far apart the two fellows were.

    Was Kozeny just using Bourke? Or was Bourke using Kozeny? Or were both using each other? Get some people to tell the real story.

    Set off some fireworks here or it will be another unhappy ending like so many government prosecutions.

  6. Mobil, Exxon, and BP lobbied Hedyar Aliyev in 1997

    Baku… Azerbaijan…1997…:
    All the US oil companies, Mobil, Exxon, and BP all set up lavish offices in Baku to lobby Azerbaijan President Aliyev for the rights to SOCAR and other oil resources.

    Bourke, maybe these folks can come to your defense. All three of these guys wanted to get a piece of the action there also and are rumored to be influencing Aliyev at the same time. What exactly constitutes a briebery? Get these business executives to talk. They were doing the same thing you probably were doing. The US government doesn’t want to prosecute them however.

    Lucio A Noto (Mobil)
    Lee Raymond (Exxon)
    John Browne (BP)

  7. Stanley Escudero

    Let’s see what type of witness this former US Ambassador to Azerbaijan is willing to be? We need some story tellers to educate us about that corrupt region Bourke was dealing in at the time.

  8. Stanley Escudero, our former US Ambassador, is in bed with Hedyar Aliyev and his son, the current Azerbaijan President

    Spoke too soon about Stanley. Sounds like another US Ambassador who took a shining to both Presidents of Azerbaijan for financial gain. Who CAN you trust over there? Enough said.

  9. Kozeny, former Aspenite

    Hey, I just went over to Bourke’s to borrow a cup of sugar!, said Kozeny on the stand.

  10. Aspen's Peak House

    From the what ever happened file: Kozeny’s Aspen house (the highest property on Red Mountain), sold to Priceline’s CEO Richard Braddock. If only walls could talk, Bourke might be in better shape.

  11. Reality Show

    Bourke should get on “I’m a celebrity, get me out of here!”