California faces meltdown in 50 days, Legislature passes bill mandating spinach at day care

California is 50 days away from running out of cash and is light years from passing a budget. Its r esidents need not worry, however, their elected representatives are on the job and addressing even more crucial problems: not enough vegetables on day care menus. Oh, and too much whole milk. 

The Assembly has passed a bill to set minimum standards for food in licensed child-care centers, requiring a vegetable to be part of lunch and supper and forbidding whole milk for children 2 or older….”California enjoys a worldwide reputation for its sunny, healthy lifestyle,” said the bill’s author, Assemblywoman Julia Brownley (D-Santa Monica). “Childhood obesity rates threaten to steal this enviable position.”

The bill, which passed the Assembly on Wednesday by a 48-27 vote, now heads to the Senate.

If it becomes law, AB 627 would require low-fat or skim milk to be served to children 2 years old and older. It would limit sugar in cereals and eliminate deep frying and sweetened drinks. It also would establish an 18-month pilot project to evaluate stronger nutrition and physical activities standards.

Before you laugh too hard at those poor Californians, note that here in Connecticut we too don’t have a budget and are facing a billion dollar deficit. Our representatives spent the day enacting a law regulating the placement of charity donation bins.


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4 responses to “California faces meltdown in 50 days, Legislature passes bill mandating spinach at day care

  1. anonymous

    Actually prefer such confrontational politics to expel the tax and spend commies

    NYC is in far worse shape than CA (compare relative income tx rates); and Greenwich is a relative tax haven w/crappy weather and grub, but cheap land

  2. John in Derby

    Arnold seems to me to be a pretty savvy Capitalist, moved to California 40 years ago with basically zero money and ending up with a G-IV back when they were Gulfstream’s best and many many millions. Bravo, wish I had his financial smarts. If he can’t fix the State’s budget issues after some years as the Gubernator I submit that these problems are somehow un-fixable. The various California Employee Unions could perhaps clairify the math. We in Connecticut are following close behind. Very close. Our only saving grace is that we are not New York,


  3. anthonyfountain

    If I remember right, as the Viet Cong tanks were rolling into Saigon, the South Vietnamese legislature was furiously debating a bill concerning parking regulations or some such.

  4. anonymous

    Didn’t Bloomie move to NYC penniless some 40 yrs ago and earn even a few more bucks than Arnie in the interval? Hell, Bloomie is as rich or richer vs any of the hedgies in Manhattan or Greenwich

    Suspect these union/welfare issues in NYC or CA are far more deep-seated and beyond solution vs any one billionaire or centimillionaire politician esp after a financial meltdown

    Class warfare is a tricky business