Eliot Spitzer celebrates quietly at home

The Majesty of the Law

The Majesty of the Law

Eliot turns fifty today. “It’s just going to be me and my pal Stephen Dent”, Spitzer said. “Well, and maybe a few guests.”


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3 responses to “Eliot Spitzer celebrates quietly at home

  1. anon 1

    Chris, did you get that cake at Balduccis or Aux Delices?

    • christopherfountain

      It’s just a little somethig the Greenwich Democrats pass out – now that I’m sharing space with one of them, I have access to an entire refrigerator full of exotica. Those Dems, what cards!

  2. anon 1

    You’re kidding. I haven’t gotten mine yet. Maybe my mailman ate it. Are the little people plastic or marzipan?