No enemies on the left – no decency, either

Filthy old man David Letterman got big laughs the other night joking about 14-year-old Willow Palin’s being raped and calling Sarah Palin herself a slut. Hoo hoo hoo. There was a time when joking about the rape of a little girl was considered  bad taste. There was even a time, believe it or not, when referring to a woman as a slut was thought the mark of a low class brute. Some even felt that a man who made such remarks was a woman hater and should be scorned. But that time was before the left learned to hate the Republicans and now, just so long as the target is the daughter of a Republican, jokes away! The Gawker applauds – otherwise, so far as I can tell, the mainstream media has nothing to say about Letterman, nothing at all. But of course, it’s Bush’s fault! Remember that awful boyfriend who slapped Jenny around in Forest Gump and then explained away his anger by saying “it’s this goddamned war”? Same thing here. Poor David was pushed over the edge by Iraq and isn’t to blame for finding little girls a fine source of amusement.

UPDATE: Perhaps the New York Times remembers, dimly, when little girls weren’t the appropriate subject for rape jokes. At least, here’s their sanitized version of Letterman’s opening. No little girls or sluts here!


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34 responses to “No enemies on the left – no decency, either

  1. digler

    This really is a new low. It is certainly just as rude as anything Imus has said. Letterman is a sad washed up hack. The double standard that the left is living by is becoming more evident every day.

  2. anonymous

    Have a peri-menopausal who doesn’t know how to use birth control and wants taxpayers to subsidize her choice of a retarded kid; why is her dumb teenager any better?

    Ask taxpayer or the public (via media/politics) to finance one’s lifestyle choices: live with the ridicule

  3. A Liberal

    Hey Moron:

    Clearly Letterman was talking about 18 year old Bristol Palin, the one that got knocked up by the white trash retard.

  4. Silversaxaphones

    Couldn’t disagree more with you, CF…the joke was about her 18-year old, and it wasn’t about rape. The Palins are fair targets because they practice a bit of hypocrisy themselves, you might agree.

  5. Anonymous

    Classic response from a liberal and the left….where’s the outrage? Imus was ravaged by the left and Media Matters.

    What the F has happened to this country?

  6. Anonymous

    Liberalism is THE hate crime.

  7. 2112

    I watched the bit and was appalled. Think Dave strung together about 7 zings at Palin and Bush. Looked at my calendar to make certain it wasn’t June 08. It’s time to move on Dave. They’re out, if you didn’t notice.

    How bout equal opportunity zings for the new sheriff or is he so perfect that he doesn’t warrant any?

    • christopherfountain

      It’s fun to consider the response, 2112, if Rush Limbaugh made a joke about Michelle Obama looking like a slut and how young Misha must be driving sexual perverts mad with lust. I suspect that our comentator “Liberal” wouldn’t find the same satisfaction in that, but maybe I’m wrong. Anyone who thinks a “retard” is fair game for his venom if that infant is born to a Republican is so far beyond the pale of what I consider human that I cannot predict his reaction.

  8. Arouet

    I thought he was talking about Bristol? I didn’t pick up on the rape thing either. I didn’t think it was that funny though.

  9. Anonymous

    The fact that Letterman makes fun of Palin by joking about her looks and crude references to her daughter (whether the 14 or 18 year-old) are what’s pathetic. There are plenty of valid things to make fun of Palin for – his jokes were lazy, crude and unfunny. I thought it was unfunny was tasteless when SNL made fun of Chelsea Clinton’s looks and this is even worse.

    • christopherfountain

      I agree, Anon. Plenty of Palin material that’s substantive and politicians children should be off limits, whether is Biden’s daughter (drugs) or Chelsea Clinton (philandering father) or either Palin kid.

  10. anon 1

    I happen to think Letterman has been a caustic bully for many years, picking on a lot of people (and guests). He gets a kick out of mocking everyone in a mean-spirited way, but I think it’s generally been equal opportunity regardless of political affiliation. But I got tired of his antics long ago so don’t watch anymore. This episode doesn’t surprise me.

  11. fred

    anon 1:

    Letterman took a page out of the Chris Fountain blog book………

  12. Cobra

    I used to enjoy most Letterman shows until last fall, during the run-up to the elections when he regularly used his program as a tasteless pro-left, anti-Republican advertisement.

    Wonder if his ratings were affected by his clearly partisan position? Sure prompted the exit of one formerly regular viewer.

  13. Brother Brooks

    Palin’s 14 year old daughter was the one who attended the Yankee game with her. Bristol did not come to New York. It is pretty clear whom the ‘pun’ was about. ‘Liberal’ should go back to their public housing in Norwalk, and stay off the Greenwich blog.

  14. perception

    I am not a supporter of Palin, but I am horrified by the comments, here mostly. Some liberals continue to be the most intolerant people of earth, self-congratulatory about their purposeful positions, spewing hatred at those with alternative beliefs. A more rational person, conservative or liberal, evaluates each issue and continues to evaluate over time and with new information, without ranting. The best attribute of Barack Obama is that he is calm and measured and manages to articulate his principles without “you are either with us or against us” language. Maybe someday the Democratic and Republican parties will each have liberal and conservative wings, and not preach polarization and ostracism, because it is precisely that facet of political reality that produced the current economic depression/meltdown – the Community Redevelopment Act followed by Greenspan’s poor regulatory stance on CDSs et al (fortunately history will unmask the incompetent). Our perfect storm today is square on the shoulders of ranters on both side. And by the way anonymous, kids are not a lifestyle choice until they grow into adults like you and become a nuisance.

  15. cal

    Sarah Palin provides more than enough ammunition for humor. No need to bring the kids into it.

  16. anne schreckinger

    How can you allow someone to use the word retard. And what exactly did that person mean by choosing to have a retard? Pretty bad.

    • christopherfountain

      I “allowed” him to use it because he illustrated quite neatly the vitriol and hatred so many on the left employ against those they disagree with. I can allege it, he proved it.

  17. Red

    I do agree that the children of public figures should be left out of the monologues on talk-shows & radio & blogs.

    However, I must pose this question to some of you posters:

    When was the last time a dreaded “liberal” walked into a church service and murdered a doctor, or walked into a crowded museum with a rifle and tried to murder a room full of tourists?

    • christopherfountain

      Well Red, I’m a little unsure how that relates to joiking about the rape of a 14-year -old or calling a Downs Syndrome baby a “retard” but let’s go ahead anyway. Lee Harvey Oswald, Communist (left enough for you?) Sirhan Sirhan, Palistinian nut, the Japanese terrorists who poisoned the tokyo subway, the Baederhoff gang of Germany, Fidel Castro, Joseph Stalin, Mau Tse Tung, Tenneman Square, Italy’s Red Brigade, Peru’s Shining Path, Kozinsky the mad bomber, the ELF arsonists, the Weatherman and so on – these are just a few of my favorit things, in no particular order, but I suggest that evil comes from all sides of the political spectrum. All it takes is the certain knowledge that one is right and that those who disagree should forfeit their right to live.

  18. Anonymous

    Let’s not forget Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad, who shot those soldiers at the Arkansas recruiting center. However, since he belongs to not just one, but two protected classes of citizens: black and moslem, his heinous crime doesn’t get the coverage of the abortion doctor killer, nor the holocaust museum killer.

    Mr. Muhammad’s story fits neither the left’s favorite victimology narrative, nor the DHS narrative whereby supporters of the Constitution are domestic terror threats.

  19. Red

    Yes, we are in agreement, evil can and does come from both ends of the political spectrum.

    I think some of your readers do not want to acknowledge that there might be a difference between a Democrat and a Communist, or that most Republicans are not members of the Aryan Nation.

    • christopherfountain

      Wait just a minute there, Red – you’re saying there’s a difference between a commie symp and a Demmerkrat? I got to tell you, after spending the past month with my new office mate Frankie Futter, I’m not so sure – who else could it have been who glued a Che poster to my door? – but I’ll do further research on the subject. Never too late to learn something new – that’s the conservative’s credo!
      yours in hope for the restoration of the Reich,

  20. dogwalker

    Is the matter under discussion here Letterman’s top 10 highlights of Sarah Palin’s trip to New York? If so, where was there any mention of rape? And there is a difference between calling someone a slut and saying they have a slutty look.

    • christopherfountain

      Sarah Palin and Willow, her 14 year old daughter, visited a yankee game. Lettermen said, har har har, that the daughter was “knocked up by Alex Rodrieguez”. What a jokerster! What a card! What a father!

    • christopherfountain

      Dogwalker, try this mind experiment: Letterman comments on Michelle Obama’s “slutty look”, and Misha being knocked up by Alex Rodriguez. If you find nothing offensive about that then fine, there’s nothing to discuss. If you feel a bit uneasy, then ask why you don’t find the same words used against Sarah Palin and her young daughter beyond the pale.

  21. Stranger

    Letterman’s a mean, dirty old man. He has been for some time, which is why I no longer watch his show.

    His son was born out of wedlock. I don’t think he has any standing to sneer at anyone else’s reproductive choices.

  22. pulled up in OG

    Letterman says that things are fine now between him and Sarah Palin because the Alaska governor called and offered to take him hunting.

  23. Towny

    hey Red, not for nothin: but how about the adorable FDR’s treatment of American citizens of Japanese decent during World War II.

    Maybe the darling Obama has plans for those long idled FEMA camps….

  24. perception

    Even a discussion about how much better it would be to avoid polarization produces cheap shots. So, old men (democratic left or republican right) should avoid tasteless sexual comments about either a 14 year old child, or a young mother -if the way older, all of 18 year old – was the joke’s target.But think a minute: were any of you ever 14 or 18? At that age 30 is ancient, but 62 is creepy. Enjoy DL, if you must, for his humor, share his politics if you must, but don’t throw away personal integrity by failing to condemn this clear-cut bit of hatred. His apology which wasn’t shows his political disdain will marginalizes women, or girls, if they are conservative, and we are just too big a part of the landscape to accept it.
    So all women – liberal and conservative – should respond in kind and marginalize his message; boycott Letterman, and only watch Conan!

  25. HG

    The joke was in bad taste, but I agree with Arouet, the worst indictment is that is was unfunny. I know Dave has to fill a lot of time, but I feel sorry for him…just bombing. What a loser. Leno has the guts to go out and do real stand-up. I also agree the Palin bit was topical for June…2008. This whole thing reminds me of a panel they had in NYC a few months ago where comics discussed whether it would be possible to make fun of the first black president. I have never read anything more pathetic, but so far I haven’t seen anybody crack the code. Turns out a huge proportion of the comic profession was relying on race-based jokes that were last daring when told by Richard Pryor…Dave Chapelle just a few years ago had a sketch about the first black president…just embarassing for him now, I think. I guess my point is Dave, et al are pretty tired and maybe they should sit down. Carson re-runs are funnier.

  26. Stranger

    My husband, who is generally quite mild-mannered, yesterday swore never again to watch the man’s show.

    A larger problem is the coarsening of the nation’s idea of humor. For many years, comics have passed off personal attacks, insults, and crude fantasies as humorous–so long as the victims weren’t members of the “in”crowd. No one remembers the art of the double entendre.