Shades of W.C. Fields

GreenwichRoundup has a marvelous tale of a man standing by his woman in a Port Chester Bar:

PORT CHESTER – A Bronx couple is facing assault charges after a woman accused of flirting with the boyfriend was bashed with a bottle and kicked in the leg on Sunday, police said.

Jaime Javier, 27, and Rosemarie Ramos, 26, were charged in the attack of a 36-year-old Bronx woman at Marty’s Bar at 27 Adee St.

Port Chester police Lt. Jim Ladeairous said Ramos accused the victim of flirting with Javier. Ramos is then accused of taking a bottle and hitting the victim across the forehead, opening a 2-inch wound. The victim fell down, and Javier is accused of kicking her lower right leg several times, bruising it, Ladeairous said

Fields, in, I think, “My Little Chickadee”, is one of two bartenders – while a mousy-looking barkeep polishes glasses in the background, Fields regales a customer with a tale of bravery when he beat up (“Chicago Lil? The beast of Philadelphia? I forget, but let’s go with the Beast).  The customer is very impressed but finally the second bar keeper speaks up to protest: “I’m the one who knocked the beast to the floor.”Fields, outraged, splutters, “yeah, but I  kicked her!”. Jamie Javier must be a fan.


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5 responses to “Shades of W.C. Fields

  1. anonymous

    Funny how members of lower socio-economic groups often behave; explains lack of upward mobility among some

  2. christopherfountain

    Back when I lawyered, anon, I saw plenty – plenty of behavior from the higher soci0-economic class that would put this little fracas to shame. When it comes to alcohol and human behavior, class distinctions are meaningless.

  3. anonymous

    Fair point, CF

    Some correlation of career success to decent judgment in one’s personal behavior but by no means a great correlation

  4. Anonymous

    They had been with Chris for the day, Jaime is looking to relocate his Hedge fund and they were perusing the docs of the $6mil offerings when the ‘misunderstanding’ occurred.

  5. Anonymous

    Sorry Chris, scrap that last thought, case of mistaken identity. You weren’t with Jaime that day. Was it James that I was thinking of?