Look! Up in the air! It’s (lots of) jets!

Greenwich and neighboring towns lose suit against FAA’s proposed change of flight plans. This is probably not good news (I really am not familiar enough with the proposal to form an opinion) but we live where we do, and where we live is a crowded little area with three airports around us. There will be noise.


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6 responses to “Look! Up in the air! It’s (lots of) jets!

  1. anon 1

    If Durante adds some extra height to his flag pole cell tower, it might keep away some of the jets.

  2. Cos Cobber

    Good. Glad we lost and yes, this was a waste of time and $.

  3. Chappy4me

    There’s noise, then there’s NOISE. I’m unlucky enough to live directly under the flight path for landing planes at Westchester. Next time any of you come back from Florida on JetBlue, look for me. I’m the one wearing noise cancelling head phones, waving, but not with my whole hand! I’d move, but as you said, we live where we do. I’m not sure there’s a place left where this kind of noise isn’t noticeable. The only good news is that with the lousy economy, private jet landings from Nantucket are way down.

  4. Seal the borders

    Time to barricade that road from Riversville Rd to Westchester Airport again.

  5. Clifford

    With any luck the sound of the jets will drown out the “babbling brook” sounds of I-95 and the Merritt for those living near those roads.

  6. Cos Cobber

    Cliff, it doesn’t. But my kids like to see the landing gear!

    Kidding about the landing gear…we don’t actually see that.