What price happiness for Greenwich mommies and California fruitcakes?

$2.5 billion tax dollars spent by your government to find out which “alternative medicines” work. Conclusion: none of them. If I know my government, this utter failure will simply spur the expenditure of an additional $5 billion.

UPDATE: and here’s a compendium of Lunacies of the Left written by a Connecticut Florida liberal.

Over the years I’ve been a harsh critic of elements in the larger conservative movement and by proxy the modern Republican Party who pay lip service to various forms of pseudoscience, creationism being a prime example. But here we look at the other side of the coin with an incomplete survey of some of the bizarre anti-science beliefs, medical quackery, pseudoscience, and full blown conspiracy theories with questionable roots in science, some of which are sadly gaining considerable traction due to recent political shifts. They’re by no means held exclusively by the left, but nevertheless readers are far more likely to encounter them on progressive websites and liberal leaning celebrity talk shows and networks.

(h/t, Instapundit)


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2 responses to “What price happiness for Greenwich mommies and California fruitcakes?

  1. fred

    I spent nearly all of my dough trying find out which alternative medicines work too.

  2. Paco

    “… yoga, massage, meditation and other relaxation methods may relieve symptoms like pain, anxiety and fatigue.”

    An “alternative” “relaxation method” that former NY governor Spitzer (aka Client #9) has tested and recommends is young hookers, preferably before bedtime. This also stimulates the economy. Among other things.