Real estate value soars – Dodd astonished at his good fortune

The Irish cottage that Christopher Dodd bought for a song from his campaign donor has been appraised at $660,000, 6.6X more than the Senator had thought. This appraisal come after the colapse of real estate values on the Emerald Isle so the new found wealth astonished and delighted Connecticut’s most corrupt (federal) politician.

“Who knew?” crowed Dodd. “Boy, do I have the luck of the Irish or what. – I just keep receivig God’s blessings, from special mortgage rates from CountryWide, 98% of my campaign funds from banker friends I’ve never met and now this. I’m a blessed man and I owe it all to my good character.”


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2 responses to “Real estate value soars – Dodd astonished at his good fortune

  1. Anonymous

    Very small and shoddy indeed. : )

    And the UK article associated with the first pic.

    I don’t remember reading about the DC condo before, but I have my hands full watching Ca. politicos.

  2. pulled up in OG

    Small world !!!

    That article (by a US editor, granted) links to FWIW.

    [2nd par: cozy Irish “cottage”]