George Mitchell still likes Fred Bourke

Three weeks into the trial, the government has yet to lay a glove on Mr. Bourke. Today, former Senator Mitchell did that Sergent Schultz thing he does so well (“I know nuttin!”)  From what little coverage I can find of this trial on the web, not a single witness has said anything that links Bourke to the bribes paid to Azerbaijan officials. They had better have something to offer, or Mr. Bourke might wonder why they have tied up his life and cost him millions (? a lot, anyway) in legal fees. I love a Greenwich scandal even more than most residents but the only scandal I’ve seen here is a waste of taxpayer money and the harassment of an innocent man.

But the trial’s not over, so we’ll check in from time to time to see what’s happening.


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8 responses to “George Mitchell still likes Fred Bourke

  1. Mouse

    An innocent man? Shame on you, cf!

    He’s about as “innocent” as his buddies Stephen Dido Dent and Walter Noel.

    He once described his co-conspirator Viktor Kozeny as a “visionary.” How much must the irony of his own words haunt him now as he lies awake nights contemplating prison, trying to plot his way out of his old pal’s web of deceit, even as Viktor, free as a bird, keeps tabs on Freddie’s plight from his fabulous mansion in the Bahamas?

    Pete (“The Leatherman”) Dooney must have had some good reason to want to inject Ricky with a hamful substance. But what is it? Could it have been that crack Kozeny made about buying Azerbijan and renaming it “Rickystan?” Maybe that was just too much for the old Leatherdooney to bear.

    Only time will tell.

    Murder will out!


    My Foot!!!

  2. Guilt by association

    All the witnesses seem to call him Ricky like he was friends with Kozeny. But where are the Contracts between Bourke and Kozeny? Verbal stuff is one thing-something written is another. Will the jury understand in the end? That is the RISK. And the penalty is STIFF.

  3. Mitchell-hero?

    Where was DouglASS all the time during all this Maine chatter? He is a big Maine friend of Mitchell’s.

  4. Honey, I only lost $200K

    Give me a break George. You were a dealer and player even in 1997. Your rich connections even then gave you a rich life.

  5. greenmtnpunter

    Mitchell is a creep and is long overdue for his comeuppance.

  6. Bourke breakdown

    Ricky Bourke went mental after he divorced the Ford heir. He has gotten nuttier as the years progressed.

  7. Watching

    Hmmmm. Looking at the transcript of the so-called smoking gun tape played for Mitchell, Bourke comes across as a guy who was worried about bribes, not making them happen. Where is the smoke?,pdf

  8. objective

    I think CF has it right. There is not a shred of evidence that I can ascertain from the reports. I think the testimony is huge from Mitchell – the guy the gov. wants is Kozeny.
    Still waiting for the smoking gun…