News from the Noel side of things

Tatiana Boncompagni, sister-in-law? former daughter-in-law? Some kind of relation to Walt Noel’s first partner in Fairfield Greenwichl Group (the one who “retired” years ago and kept cashing the checks generated by Bernie Madoff’s cheating) has written a distressing tale of the sorrows of hedge fund wives. The poor bastards have lost their money and at least one bitter wife confides to Tatiana, “I didn’t get married for this. Do you know I have to take the subway now?” Truly horrifying. If you have nerves of steel and a stone-cold heart, you might want to read it for an insight into how your neighbors are suffering.


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4 responses to “News from the Noel side of things

  1. Sambone

    never ever, never ever tell your mistress she is a high priced prostitute!!!!!

  2. What about the investors and us poor schlubs who have to live with what these idiots did to the economy? Where’s our scribe, detailing our woes?

    • christopherfountain

      Well, Richard, there is some nice faux jewelry available at Henri’s at 5th Avenue. Call Marisa Noel and she’ll get you a good deal.

  3. Sherry S Cohen

    She is as obscessed as CF over the Noel family! But not as in depth.