The contracts are trickling in

Two more contracts from Friday reported today. 2 Pleasant Street in Cos Cob, purchased for $905,000 in August, 2005, listed for $879,000 just last month and has found a buyer.

186 Otter Rock, a 1953 house on and acre and a half, was originally listed for $5.7 million on August 14, 2007 and stayed with the same broker through the years as it slowly dropped to $4.975 million. The seller’s patience has been rewarded – an agent with the same broker has the buyer, lucky for the broker (2X the commission) but my math on how long this process took is different than that employed by the Greenwich Association of Realtors. They show an original listing price of $4.975 and only 98 days on market while I see $5.7 million and 675 days. But I’m just an old spoilsport for mentioning that. Perhaps the grievance committee will raise that issue, too because my method really screws up their rosy statistics on DOM and sales-to-ask percentage. Darn him!


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5 responses to “The contracts are trickling in

  1. CTbuyer

    Chris, how do you find the true listing history of a house? I want to make sure that the next time we bid on something that I have all the pricing history.

    • christopherfountain

      Well the obvious answer is to use a real estate agent. If you’re already doing that and he or she isn’t providing you with that information, I suggest that the next answer is even more obvious.

  2. REF

    Dear Chris,

    I know of a “shadow Greenwich MLS” that is evolving that has original list dates and price points that haven’t been lost or refreshed.It will
    allow for price discovery from listing to sale.


  3. rosy-o

    how ’bout letting us in on the secret REF?

  4. REF

    Dear Rosy-O
    The “shadow Greenwich MLS” is an electronic copy of the daily information posted on the Greenwich MLS and tabulated into an Excel Spreadsheet, backed up by paper copies. Everyday
    this information is updated and stored. It represents a “true” picture of a listing. The information can’t be lost, deleted or refreshed. It is what it is, not what someone wants it to be.