Woxtra, woxtra, read all about it!

Our local paper of record, Greenwich Time, reports that Greenwich resident Diana Ross was actually seen checking out a book at Greenwich Library!   With insider – access to this kind of earth-shaking scoop it’s no wonder the paper just raised its cover price. I mean, where else can you find news that matters, news that will affect your life? No word yet on the identity of the poor Stanwich Road man who committed suicide eight days ago, but frankly, even I can see the insignificance of that to all but the immediate family. Still, don’t we report police matters any more?


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2 responses to “Woxtra, woxtra, read all about it!

  1. Last Thursday, there was a memorial service at Apadana Rugs for their owner/manager, Sam Khamedi, who died “suddenly and unexpectedly on Monday afternoon”

    He was a nice guy with three kids (north street school?) Always very generous with donating rugs for local charity auctions

    very sad

  2. Cobra

    I, too, read that enlightening news on Sunday and, first thing this AM, I cancelled my subscription which I had hesitantly re-upped about three weeks ago.

    When asked why, I stated my perception that the Greenwich Time had evolved to the Bridgeport Time. What little Greenwich-related news is reported is pretty damned lame, incomplete, or inaccurate. Plus, if I wish, I can selectively peruse their website at no cost.

    I suspect the rag’s life expectancy grows shorter with every issue as more and more subscribers overcome their inertia and drop this worthless use of newsprint.

    Which brings to mind that fun-loving, ex-con Peter Brant–I wonder how White Birch Paper Company is doing these days with the demand for his firm’s signature product in steady decline.