Catherine Hooper’s desperate plea: “Let my people go!”

Ruth can’t get her hair dyed at her usual salon, Mark and Andy are despised by their peers in New York and Greenwich and Bernie, poor Bernie, is scared that someone wants him behind bars for more than twelve years. All this tragedy is what no doubt prompted Andy’s main squeeze, Catherine Hoops Hooper to call this blog with a message of compassion and love. “They’ve suffered enough”, she told us, “even Minnesota Peg agrees.” It’s time to forgive, forget and let bygones be bygones.” Who could disagree? But Hoops, if Andy does lose all his money and you still want to go to the Keys this winter, let’s talk.

See? Swim away, little fishy. Bye bye!

See? Swim away, little fishy. Bye bye!


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3 responses to “Catherine Hooper’s desperate plea: “Let my people go!”

  1. J

    I was looking forward to a better body shot

  2. Inagua

    Catherine Cooper should remember that every penny Andrew Madoff has is stolen money.

  3. H.

    Catherine Hooper should remember that she is not a “Beautiful People”-person anymore — IF she ever was, lol. Now (& for the rest of her life) she is nothing more than a “I’ll Blow For Money” sign-holder with her nose against the window, on the outside looking in.