In a recession? Jobless rate alarming? Make it more expensive to hire!

Mired in the worst unemployment slump in the nation and on the verge of bankruptcy, California has joined other Democrat – controlled states to expand the days off employers must grant employees. The latest – school play days. No doubt because Democrat politicians have never had a real job in their lives – it’s an experience that ruins them forever for dreaming Demmerkratically – they seem to think that this kind of provision costs employers nothing. The play-going parent who doesn’t show up for work isn’t paid for that day, goes the logic, so what’s the beef?

The beef is that you can’t run a business not knowing who will show up for work that day. Volvo tried that, with a government mandate that guarantees unlimited sick leave and the result is that the Japanese build a car in 12 hours, the Swedes 60. The squareheads aren’t that much slower, of course, but Volvo has to schedule many more workers each day in the hope that some will report for duty.

Same thing here. The more difficult you make it to employ someone, the more you intrude on a business’s daily operations, the less likely that business is to expand. Or, in California’s case, the more likely a business is to flee to another state.


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4 responses to “In a recession? Jobless rate alarming? Make it more expensive to hire!

  1. anonymous

    Know at least 3-4 hedgies in NYC and SF who are seriously looking into precise legal technicalities of relocating their tax residence to Dallas

    NYC income taxes make CA seem like a relative tax haven, but Dallas is US’ Geneva

  2. ogrcc

    I am all for more mandated paid time off.

    someone call the whaaaambulance CF

  3. Arouet

    That’s harder than it looks anon. NY and CA have some of the most aggressive tax nexus rules in the world.

    /s/ a tax attorney and CPA

  4. Peg

    Christopher, I think you simply do not “get” the plan. They want all the private businesses to go under. Then everyone can work for the government – with the government writing the rules!

    One of my liberal buddies explained: “We need lots more non-profits.”

    My only thought is this. If we finally rid our world of all the evil private businesses and venal individuals who actually do earn profits – then from where will tax revenue come from?

    Anyone? Anyone?