You never know

14 Dewart Road (off North Street) has found a buyer – asking price was $2.2 million. It enjoyed a fair amount of babbling brook noise from the Merritt and its two acres were split in two by a real babbling brook so neither I nor the clients I showed it to were sold on the site. But someone was. I’d say that this proves there’s an ass for every stall, but someone might think I was criticizing their judgment. Far from it – Dewart is considered a good location and it certainly supports some very large houses. The Nine West shoe guy’s kid has about a zillion acres across the street, for instance, and, assuming he didn’t lose everything to Bernie Madoff (he lost a bundle, we hear), he’ll keep on there.


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2 responses to “You never know

  1. anon

    Doesn’t 22 dewart have the contract?