Greenwich Time editing

Reader JS sends along this fascinating editing job by the Greewich Time reporting on the election of a new president for NOW:

INDIANAPOLIS  — The National Organization for Women has elected a 56-year-old Maryland woman as the group’s next president.
NOW said Terry O’Neill, who is white, defeated Latifa Lyles, a 33-year-old black woman from Washington, D.C., during the organization’s three-day national conference in Indianapolis.
I found original AP story: AP used “African-American”, but that’s a whole other issue.

JS wonders what the race of either candidate is relevant to a story about NOW. I dunno.


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2 responses to “Greenwich Time editing

  1. anonymous

    Surely a biracial homosexual transgender would better understand NOW issues than mainstream, Establishment candidates

  2. B1

    A black woman named named “Latifa”?! I thought she might be Amish.