U.S. wins metric football game

The Times calls it the team’s greatest victory ever. To me, watching soccer is about as exciting as watching a hockey game, which is to say, I don’t (but the U.S. vs. U.S.S.R. in 1980? was pretty cool).


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4 responses to “U.S. wins metric football game

  1. Glan Man

    and baseball is riveting stuff I suppose!

    Soccer, auto racing any sport is boring and appears mindless if you have not played or done it. Once you have, you appreciate the tremendous skill and discipline it takes.

    The USA team deserves all our pride and admiration for this incredible fete on the extremely competitive international stage. They have proven to the rest of the world that we are more than just hotdogs and baseball.

    Go USA! Final on Sunday against the mighty Brazil. gota love it?

  2. Sambone

    I watched the game and it is a very big win. I thought that the US was toast, but they pulled it off and beat the #1 team in the world. The US is not considered a top ten team in the world. Huge upset! Way ta go, US!!!!!

  3. Anonymous

    Soccer is the most popular game in the world…by far. I don’t think it is just coincidence. So Chris, don’t take it (too) personal but the abnormal is you (and/or most of your fellow compatriots), not the rest of the world. But congratulations; the winner is the team that scores, not the team that plays better, so you won deservedly.

  4. Glan Man

    Your favorite rag also appears to share your sentiments for the game of soccer, Chris. Such a historic and incredible display by the US on the world stage and it barely gets a mention on the inside pages of the sports section of G.T. boo hoo.

    If such an upset occured in any other country the country would come to a stand still, party for a week and all the players would become national heroes. Our US players deserve no less.