You see swine flu vaccine, Chris Dodd sees pork

And he’s entrusted the nation’s flu vaccination program to a Connecticut company that seems to be on the verge of bankruptcy. “If it’s a choice between the country’s kids or one of my constituents,” Dodd declared in a news conference announce his hijacking of federal funds, “my constituent wins, every time. What, you think I’m stupid?” Dodd adjourned the meeting took off all his clothes except his hiking boots and strolled from the room with Governor Jim Sanford. “Off to Argentina!, then Switzerland.”

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One response to “You see swine flu vaccine, Chris Dodd sees pork

  1. David Lawlor

    Dodd is no longer effective or viable. His credibility (if he really had any in the first place) is stained, tarnished, and can not be polished no matter how many times they put his name on some legislation. No would put take stock at GM or Chrysler, why because they are losing money. Same goes for Fannie and Fredding. When Dodd touches it, it is bound to be a losing proposition. He should gracefully get out and retire to Ireland.