Soft market doesn’t slow this Realtor!

Lady Realtor goes jewelry shopping with her keybox. Owners object.


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8 responses to “Soft market doesn’t slow this Realtor!

  1. Paco

    Shouldn’t you use the little registered trademark symbol whenever you use the term “Realtor”?

    Otherwise readers might confuse these elite professionals with, say, the lowlifes who rob houses without benefit of a key box. Just sayin’

  2. InfoDiva

    Wasn’t there a realtor in Greenwich who was a little light-fingered a few years back?

    I seem to recall something in the police blotter, and then heard nothing more.

  3. Walt

    You know what folks? I would prefer Chris would steal stuff, but he won’t do that, because he is an “ethical” real estate agent. Yeah, right. That is as possible as a unicorn.
    But Chris won’t take your stuff. He is an honest Dude. Dim witted, but honest. So we can deal with that.
    But he will borrow your stuff. So be careful. If you are listed with him, and in the Hamptons for July, he will have a July 4th Toga Party at your place. For sure if you have a pool.
    Which is ok, but he is a slob, and never cleans up.
    Plus he will use your wive’s/mistresses lingerie as his Toga. The cheap bastard. And he sniffs it before putting the panties on his head. How pedestrian. Never flushes, and he can dump like a hors….. he can crap like an elephant. So lock the bathrooms.
    Sorry to rat you out Dude. Someone has to keep you honest.
    Your Pal,

  4. Anonymous

    The “soft” market hasn’t impeded a Realtor or two in Greenwich from using their access to keyboxes for some afternoon delight either. After all, it’s less expensive and a little more scenic than the local area no-tell motels when you need to let off a little steam, so to speak.

  5. Roger

    I am stunned!!!!
    Of whom do you speak??
    I need a price opinion soon….:)))))

  6. PoeticJustic

    Yes InfoDiva. A leading broker, first initial J (no mentioning names so Chris stays out of trouble–Heaven forbid that anyone identifies a local realtor as a crook), was involved in a shoplifting scandal. Odd that a sucessful broker would need to employ the five finger discount and even odder that she is in business today. Criminality isnt high on my list of reasons for selecting a realtor but other people may consider it a plus.

  7. Roger

    Poetic Justice,
    There is no justice in this world…her boss at the time (good American-Irish Catholic) was mortified – took her free car back – fired her ass and she was welcomed with open arms by one of the most aggressive RE recruiters in Fairfield Cty.
    Since then she’s gone from strength to strength.

  8. Anonymous

    Roger, I’d be happy to pass along his number, but I don’t think his barn door swings both ways…although, things are hard all over (in a manner of speaking, of course), so you could make him an offer!!