Why no Greenwich real estate news?

Because there isno Greenwich real estate news. Not today, but perhaps tomorrow; I know of a few contracts about to be reported. Today there were no sales, two Putnam Hill contracts in the $3s and a quarter-acre land sale on Highview in Old Greenwich, asking an improbable $1.125 and selling direct (if the seller held out one buyer as an exclusion, that probably accounts for the high listing price – the broker had to try to beat the existing offer which, obviously, it didn’t).


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4 responses to “Why no Greenwich real estate news?

  1. Front Row Phil

    What you mean, Chris, is there’s no OBVIOUS Greenwich real estate news. Farah Fawcett has died. Michael Jackson is gravely ill. Bill Clinton admits to being chronically constipated. Surely you can connect the dots to see how those events will effect property values here!

  2. Wacko Jacko

    ..because Michael Jackson died…

  3. Wally

    Speaking of news, I’m sure the South Carolina governor is really unhappy that the death of Michael Jackson has become a wall to wall news event.

  4. Frederic Bourke's ex and family party on!


    Even a heavy rain shower on June 5 isn’t dampening the party spirit of Ric Bourke’s ex-wife Nonie Ford Sullivan. Hey where was your Michigan spirit? Get a glimpse of Ric’s son Avery and daughter-in-law Allison. Any publicity is good publicity. Give me an f-ing break. Ford stock is tanking and your ex is facing Jail time. Time to get real jobs rich people.