Worst newspaper website in the world and we’ve got it

I realize that I can’t complain too much about a crappy website that I don’t pay for, but is there a more annoying one than Greenwich Time’s? It’s impossibly slow to load because of the video pop-up ads, it’s cluttered with pictures of the same pudgy-cheeked woman identified simultaneously, as a “Greenwich Mom” and a “Hartford Mom” and when the paper isn’t flogging fat loss, it’s pushing a “cure for yellow teeth”, again discovered by a mom. I love my mother, but I don’t think I ever sought out her advice on ab building or cleaning my teeth, so why would I listen to someone else’s mother? And what possible credibility is lent by attributing a product to its discovery by a mom? Are we supposed to believe than no mother would ever rip us off or endorse a product that wasn’t good for us and a sound purchase? Do these idiots think we never heard the multitude of Trump bimbos peddling bad real estate investments? Or never watched the care and loved lavished on her children by Leona Helmsley?

The paper is as slow to update news as it is to load. Stories appear hours after they’ve been reported elsewhere – even here, for God’s sake – and many never make it to the on-line version at all. I understand that to the extent the web version is a competent substitute for the paper edition, fewer people will pay for the paper, but get real – no one’s buying the damn paper anymore anyway. I don’t know a business model that will allow newspapers to survive but if there is one, it surely can’t include putting out a weak, incomplete version of a tabloid.


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9 responses to “Worst newspaper website in the world and we’ve got it

  1. Stump

    At Stop and Shop this morning I noticed that an ad for Hank May Goodyear was plastered, not printed, on the Greenwich Time front page. It’s been a long time since I bought the paper, and having an advertising sticker defacing it certainly isn’t an inducement.

  2. Roger

    I agree – its got to be the worst of all. It takes forever to load with all the crap ads etc. The paper version must be losing a fortune – I know the circulation numbers are dreadful. My guess is that the real estate and motoring sections are keeping it afloat.

  3. anonymous

    Many businesses like newspapers, magazines, US car cos., Bear/Lehman, etc deserve to die to make room for better-run, more profitable businesses

  4. know what other website sucks?

    The town of greenwich website is total crap

  5. John

    I’m actually happy when it loads slowly, because many times during the day, every day, it just loads a blank white screen.

  6. Wally

    btw, I was out of town last weekend and that same picture of that woman showed up on the computer as a “Burlington Mom”! She sure gets around!

  7. pulled up in OG

    Where’s Hiram when you need him?

    Need a synonym for the website “sucks even more” than the print version.

  8. Anonymous

    how about the daily polls, which are worded to get the desired effect, rather than a straight q&a…

    another thing…how about an alternative to the liberal cartoon on the op ed page

  9. Glan Man

    totally agree with you on the town’s website, Anonymous. It’s impossible to navigate through all the crap on there to get to what you’re looking for.