Yes, but do you have a pirate’s head?

Stephanie Brandt
Stephanie Brandt

trophy roomEvery back country home has the trophy room, replete with ex-wives, dead ibex, etc. But now you can go hunting for Somali pirates! Protected by Russian ex-commandos, armed with your own AK-47, ply the waters off Africa in a luxury yacht and when you lure in the pirates, fire away! Way cool. $5,000 a day, approx. but what cost being first with the mostest?


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2 responses to “Yes, but do you have a pirate’s head?

  1. Art Foundation

    Viewed Peter Brant’s new Art Foundation out at Conyers Farm – very cool. However, the idiot has that “trophy” of his estranged wife (and the mother of some of his children) hung over the stone fireplace in the lounge – not too dissimilar from the fireplace you show. At least the a-hole has a few Warhols.

  2. Walt

    Dude –
    Instead of diddling yourself while surfing senseless news stories all day, why don’t you DO SOMETHING!! Like get me Stephanies contact info. It’s a winner Pal, trust me.
    Anyway, Farrah passed today. That made me sad. Many a night, in those fun 1970’s, while Monica and the Fillys (S.I.H.) were away, and I was home alone, I would watch her on T.V. And then I would close my eyes and…. Uh, then I would say to myself, what a great actress she was. Sad we lost her.
    Then I turn on the tube, and hear MJ is gone. The Filly’s (S.I.H) loved him so. So that is sad, too. No matter what they say about him. But the EMS guy who gave him mouth to mouth may be the bravest person on the planet.
    Anyway, what was the purpose of this post? I can’t remember. Hey, (HAY!!) do you need a license to be a professional Dick, and do you qualify based on your past track record? Just wondering.
    OFF TO DINNER!!!!!
    Your Pal,