Marshal sale of prime NYC real estate! Hurry before it all goes! Place your bids now!

Following closely on the high heels of Marisa Noel, RuthlessMadoff has grudgingly consented to let the federal marshals sell off hers and Bernie’s love nest penthouse in the city. With the Florida place already gone and little Marisa’s place no longer available, where will Ruth stay? I’d suggest one of the boys’ homes here in Greenwich but word has it that they aren’t speaking to mom. Surely someone can find the poor lady a comfy cardboard box.

UPDATE: The WSJ reports that she’s agreed to give up $80 million in assets while keeping $2.5. Why should she be allowed to keep a penny? It’s stolen money and she and Bernie left their victims with nothing.


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4 responses to “Marshal sale of prime NYC real estate! Hurry before it all goes! Place your bids now!

  1. John in Derby

    Reminds me of the old motorcycle joke which goes like this….a biker and his girl, Ruth was her name, are out for a ride one fine sunny day. They hit a rather large bump in the road at a high speed, the biker rode on, Ruth-lessly…



  2. anonymous

    $2.5MM is a piddly sum for any codger scammer; many welfare scammers like ex-government employee pensioners (e.g., 50yo NYPD retirees w/$100K+/yr pensions who work as $200K+/yr drivers/bodyguards for hedgies during “retirement”) have similar dubiously-gotten net worths

  3. pulled up in OG


    [Prosecutors] noted that his scheme – ” which caused at least $13 billion in actual losses”

  4. Retired IB'er

    And yours reminds me of the all time best epitaph I ever saw (in Tombstone , AZ, boot hill to be exact):
    Here lies Les Moore,
    Shoot with four slugs from a forty-four
    No Les, No more.