Breaking news from oh, 1965 or so

tn2_elizabeth_taylor_4Elizabeth Taylor: “My life feels so empty.”


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7 responses to “Breaking news from oh, 1965 or so

  1. Walt

    Dude –
    I don’t get your point on this. But that won’t stop me from commenting.
    The rich are different than you and me. Actually, the rich are different than you. I am rich. And I plan to stay that way. You, on the other hand, have not cashed a commission check since the Filly’s (S.I.H) were in pampers. You bum. But that is a story for another day.
    Anyway, us rich folks see the world differently than you poor folks. We can do what we want. And then pretend it’s normal.
    Walk around dressed like Sgt. Pepper with Bubbles the chimp? Now WTF is wrong with that? You just can’t afford the chimp or you would do it to. Admit it, you loser. How cool would it be for you to stroll down Greenwich Avenue, dressed like Sgt. Pepper, chimp in your arms, go into the best place to eat, be loud and obnoxious, and let the chimp crap on the table? Now that is cool. And a lot of fun!! You know you want to do it. But you can’t. Cause you are poor. You load.
    Anyway. Check Liz out from her glory days. She was one hot momma. Probably always bat shit crazy, though. But I like that.
    Off to HAPPY HOUR!!!!
    Your Pal,

    • christopherfountain

      Excellent points as always, Walt – I stand abashed. My point about Miss National Velvet (you loved her in that, didn’t you?) was that she hasn’t exactly struck me as having a fulfilled life in the past five decades.

  2. Walt

    Dude –
    You know what? You made me contemplate my life. And it made me a little sad. But I thank you, my friend.
    First off, the National Velvet reference. Now that was a low blow. It made me tear up a bit. And with my brows, a tear is a full box of Kleenex, and times are tough. I can’t blow through boxes of them like in the good old days. To expensive.
    Anyway, your comments about La lizzes… La lizes.. about Elizabeth’s Taylor’s last 50 years made me reflect. What have I done? Eighty years ago, I was a pup in pampers. Where am I now? An old dog in pampers.
    So what is the point? But then I realized, I raised five fine Fillys. And they will spawn more long faced uni-brows that I can be proud of. And I realized I never sold real estate. Or dreamt of being a professional Dick.
    And then I felt a lot better. So thanks, Dude. You are a peach.
    Your Pal,

  3. Old School Grump

    Quite the photo selection, CF … are you sure you didn’t inadvertently pull up a photo of the late great Divine?

  4. Anonymous

    Mr. Fountain was quite kind in his choice of pictures. What’s interesting is that there were many many worse pictures available yesterday that Google had indexed, but today those pics are gone.

    She was a very very beautiful woman in her day, and long after most of us women could claim to be beautiful, but she has morphed into somebody nearly as bizarre as her “true love” MJ had become.

    This is the worst pic (although I’d argue her years as a blonde weren’t very kind) still indexed by Goog.

    Most interestingly ( to me anyway) is that at least some of the more bizarre (imagine: tied dyed spandex tights, knee high cowboy boots, and a wheelchair) where ranked high in Google’s image search yesterday, but are no where to be found today.

    Some of the originals still exist at, but are no longer indexed on Google (or bing).

  5. Anonymous

    Oh, and I’m a west coaster, so it’s not “that” late, although I did just spend an extra 1/2 hour or so trying to figure out what the heck happened in the last 24 hours that caused all of those pictures to disappear, oh well, maybe they’ll reappear in a month or so.

    Signing off at midnight-ish.

  6. Old School Grump

    Whoa, you are right, Anonymous, that is quite an alarming photo. It makes the late Leona Helmsley look “normal” by comparison in that widely-circulated photo of Leona With Dog and Sunglasses. Agree with you also that Liz was an astonishing beauty.