Here’s another bill Congressman Jim Himes was too dumb to read

The ex-Goldman Sachs boy is really giving Cos Cob a bad name as the details of the bills he voted so willingly and ignorantly for start crawling to the surface. How about this?

U.K. liquor maker, Diego, received $2.7 billion in TARP money to transfer its operations from Puerto Rico, a U.S. territory, to the U.S. Virgin Islands, another U.S. territory. 

I assume $2.7 billion is chump change to a man of Mr. Hime’s wealth but unless inflation really takes off, I will work the rest of my life and my children, their children and their children’s children will work the rest of their lives paying taxes to Hime’s government and never approach paying this amount of wasted money. It is a lot of money to most people – Himes and his crowd tossed it onto the bonfire like it was – well, someone else’s money. Let’s get rid of this man before he becomes entrenched.


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3 responses to “Here’s another bill Congressman Jim Himes was too dumb to read

  1. Pete

    We had enough idiots to vote him in the first place. Do you really think we have either exported the idiots or imported enough sane people to vote him out. This is Connecticut. We have Dodd. We had a Dodd before him. What about Weiker.

  2. Jim Himes

    It is of course your right to call me dumb. But I should point out that I didn’t vote for the TARP bill “willingly and ignorantly” because I wasn’t in Congress when it was passed in October of 2008. FWIW, my Republican predecessor, who I never thought of as dumb, voted for the bill.

  3. Anonymous

    Himes did vote for the stimulus and budget bills and sent us his constituents an open letter via Greenwich Time, where he repeated the Obama lie about “no earmarks.”

    Himes is a liar.

    He doesn’t even have the decency to read the bills that steal all our money and enslave our children.

    Himes is a liar.