Jim Himes, Harvard Grad

What is it about Harvard that turns so many of its graudates into amoral schemers? George Bush II being a notable exception of course, but from Walter Noel to John Kerry to, now, Greenwich’s Congressmen Jim Himes, seemingly able minds go up to Cambridge and emerge as little conniving, ambitious weasels who abandon whatever morals and principles they had in order to climb to the top of their little world.

After graduating from Harvard (with a degree in Social Studies, but heck, it’s Harvard, man) Hime went to work for Goldman Sachs. It sounds as though he didn’t make partner since he left so early, but he must have done at least a few business deals with his betters and riddle me this: can you imagine any business deal involving Goldman Sac hs where, three hours before the transaction closed, the seller added a 300 page addendum to the 1,000 page contract and said, “this is part of the deal too – eat it” where the GS guys would have closed withut insisting on reading it?” I’m not Goldman quality but I did manage to negotiate my way through a number of business transactions over the years and I insisted on reading and understanding what was in the package before signing off on it on behalf of my clients. I would expect Mr. Himes to operate at at least that low level of watchfulness but he didn’t last Friday. Faced with what he and his bosses claimed was a transforming law, something that will effect our entire economy and every single resident of the United States, Himes scrawled his X on a bill he didn’t read and thus could not have understood.

Himes was elected pretty much on his promise that he wasn’t Chris Shays, which is fine, but he implied that his Goldman Sachs career, however brief, would be put to work for his constituents. Faced with his biggest vote so far, however, he punted and relied, I assume, on his social studies training at Harvard that taught him to follow authority so long as that authority was a large, Democrat-led government. What a wuss.


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8 responses to “Jim Himes, Harvard Grad

  1. anonymous

    Top 1% of alums of Harvard or Wharton or Goldman (or any other famous training ground) build and perpetuate the institution’s legendary reputation; and the rest of the lucky morons hide behind the prestigious brand names on their resume, hoping other dumb people assume they are smart simply because they attended Harvard or worked at GS

    But any alum of these places can confirm that the percentage of truly smart and honorable guys is <<1%; arguably their IQ arrived at birth and integrity was probably learned (or not learned) at family dinner table by age 8 or so, not at any fancy private school or college

  2. Anonymous

    Y’all have quite the bumper crop of “politicians” (snake oil salesmen) coming out of CT these days. Jim Himes, Chris Dodd and John Larson form a trifecta of delusion, deceit and dysfunction.

    Could you do the rest of the country a favor and vote a few people into office up there that at least have some common sense before the bankrupting and socialization of our country is complete? Pretty please? We’d all be ever so grateful!!

    Oh btw..for a stoic Connecticut Yankee type, ole John Larson was more than slightly reminiscent of a slimy televangelist in his defense of cap and trade.

  3. Mouse

    John Kerry and George W Bush are graduates of Yale, though W did earn an MBA later at Harvard.

    • christopherfountain

      Right you are, House. Oh well, Yale grads haven’t been covering themselves in glory these days, either.

  4. Anonymous

    Himes is looting his own district and stealing the yet to be earned wages of today’s children and their children.

    Our Congressman – in name only – steals from us and steals from kids.

    Voting for the theft without reading the bill and its amendments is just and additional slap in the face to taxpayers and voters.

  5. Paco

    “I would expect Mr. Himes to operate at at least that low level of watchfulness but he didn’t last Friday.”

    You’d expect it but you’d be wrong.

    When he was doing deals at GS he had skin in the game and needed to be certain none of the fine print affected his supper dish. But now he, Pelosi, Reed, BHO, et al, have made theirs and squirreled it away somewhere out of the government’s reach.

    They’re now having fund by spending (or borrowing against) other people’s money. And none of them, by and large, are directly impacted by the laws they pass or expect to be around when it all hits the proverbial fan.

    Question: what are their real motivations? I can’t fathom the answer to that.

  6. Rachelle

    Himes has been demonstrating his honor from the beginning. I cam ehome from a hard day of earning enough to pay conficatory taxes to find a cheery phone mail message from “my” congressman, Jim Himes. Getting past the fact that I try never to think of him as mine because I neither bought nor voted for him, I listened to his message. He had the nerve to congratulate himself for helping to deliver on Our Dear Reader’s promised tax cut! Now, as you all know. There has been no tax cut. There was a minor, temporary adjustment of the withholding tables that will result in increased liability come next April. He thinks we are that dumb. Well, may I return the compliment? I know he is. By the way, what ever came of his plea to give Shays the post of head of the Peace Corps after trashing him as a war monger? Priceless. Pity no one seems to be paying attention because this is the stuff of great stand up comedy. Who says only GOP politicians are laughable?

  7. pulled up in OG

    Just a reminder of GBII’s pre-guv days in the oil/b’ball biz’s.