Here’s an opportunity for Walt

Uniform not supplied

Uniform not supplied

Rumor has it that, at 88, Lou Caravella is retiring as Greenwich Tax Collector and won’t run for reelection next fall. The job pays an astonishing $95,000 per year (as does, I am informed, the town clerk’s position – who knew?) and at only 78, Walt would have time to recoup some of those billions. Of course, there are probably a lot of redundant IBs here in town who will be fighting for this plum but I think our avuncular Walt, aided by the Fillys (ies) can take this one down.


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8 responses to “Here’s an opportunity for Walt

  1. Fake Walt

    I don’t think the town would hire me for this gig nor would I entertain such follies. Do you seriously think the town of Greenwich would hire uncle Walt after he helped Madoff pull the biggest scam known to man? Now that’s what I call conflict of interest.

    Off to watch Madoff’s sentencing…from my yacht

    Kind Regards,

    Fake Walt

    • christopherfountain

      Ah, but Fake Walt, doesn’t hiring the fox to guard the hen house make a certain amount of sense?

  2. Fake Walt

    You may be onto something CF

  3. Pension

    His pension pays 95K/year for life. Let see if he makes it as long as Bernie to collect the pay-out. That is why they took the job in the first place. Now he can grab that old lady house next to his at a bargain, merge the properties, and sell out to a developer, and retire in Florida.

  4. pulled up in OG

    Pension @ 12:16: Why don’t you just choke the old lady and frame Lou? Same bs you spouted back in February.

    Caravella’s had the job since July, 1998.
    11 years @ 2.5%/year is likely $26K pension.

  5. Towny

    26K a year and pays out of pocket nearly 100% for health insurance, that is if he dosent jump into medicare.

  6. Pensioner

    I think that 26K a year too much for an old fart who sits on his butt and has exactly senior women aides doing all his “work” for years. Term limits for govt workers and NO pensions. Lou is a clever devil under that Walter Matheau exterior (grumpy old man).

  7. fred

    Term limits for govt workers???