Jim Himes: I believe in magic

While admitting that he hadn’t actually read the thing, Cos Cob’s Congressman Jim Himes praised the carbon tax bill to a ladies tea group today,saying, “who cares if it’s flawed – it shows that our heart’s in the right place, and isn’t that all that matters? That’s how I ran Goldman Sachs and by golly, I sure as tootin aintabout to start messing with success now.”

Asked how he expected industry to develop an entirely new technology by 2012, Himes said he hadn’t a clue, but denied that was his business. “We’ve passed a law,” he pointed out, “so that means they’ll have to do it.

“If businessmen have certainty about (having to develop clean energy solutions) and the pace they’ll have to do it, they’re going to invest like mad.”

Himes also used to occasion to introduce his new energy and spiritual adviser, Doctor Negassi Hemloobwana, pictured below.

Etymology Education Scandal


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3 responses to “Jim Himes: I believe in magic

  1. John

    This is not new for Himes. AFTER he voted for executive pay limits of $250,000 for TARP bankers, he said that, upon reviewing the proposal, it wasn’t a good idea. This guy is a real empty suit.

  2. Front Row Phil

    Chris — You confuse me by using some quotes that are obviously fabricated and some that may or may not be. The result is that I don’t believe any of them. Ever.