Price cuts

15 Quail Road, listed at $6.250 in April ’06 has yet to sell and today took its fifth price cut, to $3.9 million. Not for nothing, but 70% assessed value is $3.502, so perhaps we’re getting somewhere here.

2 Le Jeune Court shows  the regrettable fortunes these days of previous winners of bidding wars. The place was listed for $1.1 million back in ’05, the present owner “won” with a bid of $1.2 and has now dropped his price to $998. Assessed value, $638,000.

44 Riverside Avenue, a nice house that, were you so foolish, you could open a window and pat the roof of trucks whizzing past on I – 95, sold for $890,000 in 2005. The new owner tried to get $1.075 million for it last year, perhaps hoping that the highway had shifted north and away from his house during his ownership, and today dropped it to $950. Assessed value is $840, which seems optimistic, to me.


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5 responses to “Price cuts

  1. G'wich Transplant

    Didn’t 139 Doubling also get reduced today or was that earlier?

  2. BackCountryGal

    No slouch of an address, Quail. What happens to the value of other homes along the road when #15, goes for a song? I wouldn’t be too happy if I lived next door.

    • christopherfountain

      Back Contry, Quail is a good address but this house has troubles. It’s a back lot down a long driveway that passes through an unimpressive swamp, and the house itself, while okay, was never a $6 million value. I think someone confused the address with the house itself and thought that the former would send the latter skyhigh. On another street, I might suggest mid-twos, so if it gets anywhere above that, the neighbors should be happy. Or they can just ignore this one’s fate – it’s not representative of the better built, better located houses on Quail.

  3. BackCountryGal

    This whole ‘back lot’ thing has me baffled. There’s so much of it in G’wich proper – houses behind others, houses on top of others, shared driveways…..I’m guessing, correct me if I’m wrong, most wannabes don’t consider BackCountry ‘real’ Greenwich so instead they buy a house on what they are told is a toni street, only to be sandwiched, or, as in the case of the lots for sale in your other thread, Stanwiched? I didn’t share well with others in kindergarten. I haven’t changed. Power to the BackCountry, baby.

    • christopherfountain

      I suppose these are back lots, BackCountry, because they’re in back of John J. McCloy’s house (in fact, I believe they were split off from that property and sold). But it feels better than that, as you drive don a driveway serving these two lots and 317 Stanwich which, by the way, sold for less. But not bad, really.