(The only) sale of the day

37 Midwood

37 Midwood

$1.3 million. 74% of original asking price ($1.750 million), tax assessment, $1,609,000. The MLS records will, surprise, show this as yet another “7% of asking price” statistic because its last asking price was $1.395, but you now know better.


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4 responses to “(The only) sale of the day

  1. anon1

    According to Zillow this house sold for $2,190,900 in August of 2006. If that is true, the seller’s loss on this property is significantly more striking than the asking price discount.

  2. just-looking

    Yes, but it looks like the property passed from “ROBBINS JULIA SEVERANCE TR ” to “ROBBINS LOUISE N TR ” so from one trust to another with trustees that may very well be related, so other considerations could be included on the prices.

  3. anon

    Wouldn’t a good realtor earn his/her 5% and at least take a photo that didn’t have leaves all over the yard? For one, it makes the yard look sloppy, and secondly, it’s obvious it’s been sitting on the market since at least last fall!

  4. anon

    If anon1 is correct, that’s 40% off from what the seller paid in 2006… So I guess it’s official, Greenwich real estate is down 40% from the peak!