Walt, you sly dog, so that’s where you’ve been!

Fairfield Greenwich Group has reopened its New York offices. Nothing going on at 2 Sound Shore here in Greenwich, but anyone left with money for train fare is apparently back in the City, ready to do more harm.


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3 responses to “Walt, you sly dog, so that’s where you’ve been!

  1. Fake Walt

    Contrary to what this articles states, I am not giving money back to investors and talking with lawyers about how to defend themselves from the various lawsuits that have already been filed.

    Instead, I am looking for the next Madoff. Does anyone know any man with enough chutzpah to pull this off just one more time? Who can blame me? Life was so good in those days.

    Off to work

    Kind Regards,

    Fake Walt

  2. Walt

    Dude –
    I keep telling you, FGG is alive and well. We hit a little speed bump, that’s all. Our investors know this was not our fault. The Judge just agreed with me, and sentenced that rat bastard to 150 years.
    So we hold our manes high, as the Noel’s always do, and gallop on. I have plenty to keep me busy, what with the BJ O’Rourkes idea, and networking at Roundhill. The way I look at it, things could always be worse. I could be in the real estate business. Now THERE is a scary thought!!
    Your Pal,

  3. Walt

    I have been watching the Bernie coverage on CNBC. That little Ruthie is a real pistol with her press release. And that Erin Burnett is one little hottie. Lets come up with a concept for her. She gives me a chubby. Can I say that here?
    Your Pal,